Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean that lie 30km off the shore of Tanzania. The two biggest islands are Unguja (regularly known as 'Zanzibar') and Pemba. Another island that is winding up progressively prominent as a traveler goal, is Mafia.

Zanzibar Town (counting its old quarter of Stone Town) is the capital of Zanzibar, and has been pronounced a World Heritage site by UNESCO

Tourism and spices are Zanzibar's principle industries are spices and tourism. Zanzibar is frequently still alluded to as the Spice Islands because of the creation of cloves, nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon.


Zanzibar is a year-round destination. The coolest months are June through October, when the temperature midpoints 26 Celsius. This can take off to well more than 30 degrees in the hot season, from December to March.

Amid November (the 'short rains') and in April/May (the 'long rains'), precipitation is higher.

Rain in Zanzibar comes in short, sharp showers in the morning or evening, trailed by the arrival of the daylight.


Zanzibar is a semi self-sufficient state inside Tanzania. Thusly, guests from most nations are required to have a Tanzanian visa to enter.

Visas are by and large possible on landing in Zanzibar International Airport for US$50/Euro50 CASH per individual (yet please take note of that American Citizens pay US$100 for their visas). *

Different focuses in Tanzania as of now offering visa on passage are Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro International Airports, and Namanga out and about fringe amongst Tanzania and Kenya. Nationals of a few nations don't require visas, so it is fitting to check with your closest Tanzanian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate before going by Zanzibar.

* NB: Please DOUBLE check visa expenses and necessities at your consulate before you travel.


The unit of currency in Zanzibar is the Tanzanian Shilling.

US dollars are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and bars. (By law, visitors have to settle hotel bills in US dollars or other hard currency, but this can be waived in smaller establishments.)

Please note if you are paying by credit card: many hotels and resorts add up to 6% commission for credit card payments.


The national language is Kiswahili, though English is widely spoken.

Health and Security

Guests to Zanzibar might be required to have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate when they enter the nation. Malaria prophylaxis is likewise prescribed.

NB: See your travel specialist for suggested vaccinations and health advice.

Drink filtered water and maintain a strategic distance from uncooked nourishments that may have been washed in untreated water. Sunstroke and warmth depletion are normal, so drink enough water and wear protective dress and high factor sunscreen.

Zanzibar is a safe country, and most locals are friendly and honest. But avoid flaunting wealth by wearing expensive jewellery or waving camera equipment around. Avoid walking alone on isolated beaches at night.


The historical backdrop of Zanzibar has been affected by numerous countries, including the Arabia, Persia, India, Portugal, Britian and nearby tribes from the African terrain. This is obviously seen in the design. Stone Town is a position of narrow lanes, unpredictably cut wooden entryways, towers, porches and breathtaking mosques.

In 1964 Zanzibar joined with Tanganyika to shape the present day Tanzania, despite the fact that regardless it appreciates a high level of self-sufficiency inside the brought together state


Ocean Safari is the one of the well known exercises and it offers a perfect chance to see differing marine species. A Sea Safari over the bank of Zanzibar, venturing through the popular Chumbe Island and Mnemba Marine Nature Reserve, cruising near the Pemba Channel and significantly more. The visit empowers you to look for one of a kind ocean fowls and other marine life.

Accommodation and tours

Under that heading, accommodation and tours shall provide information of the type of accommodation the company provides. Meaning all holiday packages listed down. Also all types of tour packages should be listed down and the places of tours in zanzobar and dar-es-salaam. Tailor made packages are included too for both places.

Zanzibar tour places

Stone town tour: Stone Town Tour Zanzibar is an interesting guided tour which takes you to most historical sites in this wonderful Spice Island of Zanzibar. You will visit Zanzibar Old Stone Town market (opened 1904) Here you will be able to see and buy tropical fruits and spices (if you wish) You will also feel the pulse of Zanzibar and hear different dialects being spoken by the people at the market. From there you will be proceeding to Old slave Market which now stands the Anglican Cathedral Church of Christ built by Bishop Edward Steers in 1874 on the site of the former slave market.

Spice tour: Spice Tour,is another additional extra ordinary trip which isn't just barely a Spice voyage through ZANZIBAR, yet it is extremely uncommon experience which Proves out why Zanzibar is alluded to as the "Spice Island",Tropical natural products, Spices and other uncommon types of plants are among the distinctive vegetation to be seen, tried and noticed in this exceptionally guided Spice visit. 

This guided Spice Tour Zanzibar starts and wind up at your chose points,could begin from Sea port,Airport,at your Hotels/Resorts and so on by means of Kidichi,Kibweni Palace (Sultan rest House) to see the Persian Baths worked in 1850 by the ruler Seyyid Said receptacle Sultan (first Sultan of Zanzibar)for his better half Princess Shehrzard (stupendous girl of Fateh Ali Shah of Persia which is available IRAN).

Mangapwani caves tour: Zanzibar Slave Chambers that built around 1880 from the cave and associated with the seaside 2kms away,the area is encompassed by varieties of indigenous trees, for example, Breadfruit,Rambotans and fragrance bushes. It was a critical travel point for the captured slaves to be sold to the outside world at the season of the abolishment of subjection in 1873 particular in the center East.

Between 1880-1905,the Slave chamber was being utilized as a position of camouflage of the human freight pending their transfer. A used as the fort by the Arabs for their human payload prepared for shipment.

Traditional cultural tour: This is the greater part of the combination of Culture and Zanzibar traditional Tour. It is an extremely unique brilliant outing as it is an incentive to participate despite the fact that it is dependably exceptionally suggested on huge gathering of Tourists. Coconut Palms, Thatching, Baskets, Weaving, stoneware, Grinding Millet's, rice,Coconut Rope Making, Coconut Palm Climbing,Local Cuisine Cooking,Zanzibar Aroma and Incense,Construction of neighborhood Homes,Bread Making,Spices,Banana Plantations, Seasonal Fruits,Visit the Children Local Koran Schools, Local Traditional Music/Songs and Dancers.

Jozani monkey forest: Jozani Forest Zanzibar. a pleasant untamed life safari you can have in Zanzibar is to go for a road trip to Jozani Forest Zanzibar.This is Conservation Area to watch and shack hands with the Zanzibars uncommon red- friendly Monkeys, at the only remaiming natural forest in Zanzibar at Unguja Island (which,along with Pemba makes up the islands of Zanzibar)To have an entire your forest tour,you must visit every one of the 3 areas that are, viewing the rare Red colobus Monkeys. visit the forest and the visit of Mangroves plants. Zanzibar's first and final National Park is cenetred  on Jozani Forest, the biggest territory of nature forest found inside Zanzibar. the forest lies in a shallow through in the fossil coral bed between the mangrove filled bays of Chwaka and Uzi bay. Regular flooding and a high water table, has given a rise to a one of a kind groundwater forest at the Jozani Forest.

North coast beach relaxation: There is nothing more fun and energizing than by going for family or a friend occasions in the Zanzibar Island. Here you can encounter an incredible get-away that is a long way from the distressing existence of the city with the general population nearest to your heart. The dazzling sights that you will witness here will without a doubt influence you to need to remain here longer.
who does not have any desire to encounter that?!

Pemba flying fox: Pemba Flying Fox, are Bats of the variety Petrous which are the biggest bats on the planet. They are usually known as the Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes among different various everyday names. They live in the tropics and subtropics of Asia (counting the Indian subcontinent), Australia, Indonesia, islands off East Africa (but not the territory Africa), and various remote oceanic islands in both the Indian and Pacific Oceans

Butterfly sightseeing: Appreciate observing live show of nearby butterflies while additionally supporting local community ventures. This could also be a romantic place for a couple

Zanzibar Butterfly Center,  is situated at Pete Village alongside the Jozani Friendly Monkeys Forest. Zanzibar Butterfly Center is an interactive butterfly display close to Jozani-Chawka Bay National Park on Unguja island, however outside the park limits. The display consists of a netted tropical garden with typically several butterflies, which are all local species to Zanzibar. The fenced in area is one of Africa's biggest butterfly displays and gives occupants and visitors of Zanzibar with an intelligent and visual condition to find out about butterflies.

Horse riding in Zanzibar: Horse riding in Zanzibar is a Professionally managed stable yard with a qualified educating and riding instructor. Riders of all levels are welcome to encounter the chance of dynamite sunset beach rides and also a lovely scenic trail around and over the park to the beach.

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